SWARM is expanding the field of
Artificial Intelligence


About the Community

Artificial Intelligence is a field of knowledge that has been around for a very long time. Despite it’s history and growing attention, there is a void of information and knowledge sharing existing outside of marketing and academic views. Outside of hype and ivory towers exists the real world where people with or without a technical background are trying to make sense of how to live in the age of AI. That is where the SWARM Community comes in, to share knowledge from practitioners getting their hands-dirty and learning lessons from being involved in industry.

Join SWARM to shape the future of ESG + AI. We are a dedicated community of scientists, engineers, and operators around the world addressing major Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues like cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and food production through AI. Our global network of AI practitioners is focused on designing, building, and funding innovative AI systems. Guided by principles of courage, honor, humility, prudence, and responsibility, we provide a platform for learning from experts in academia, industry, and government. SWARM offers regular networking events, workshops, webinars, and meetups, allowing members to connect and share unfiltered knowledge across the globe. Sign up to join our community and gain convenient access to resources, events, and the AI Digest podcast, where members can showcase their interests and expertise.

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Guidelines & Values

SWARM, which stands for Sentient Wisdom and Artificial Reasoning Machines, is a private, independently-owned Community of Practice focused on advancing artificial intelligence engineering using open-source technology. We offer educational content, networking events, and transformative training, driven by our experienced founder and advisors who are dedicated to creating impactful experiences with passion, intelligence, and personal commitment.

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SWARM Events

At SWARM, we pride ourselves on organizing cutting-edge AI technology events with industry researchers and engineers, ensuring stimulating and thought-provoking experiences. Our carefully crafted events provide regular educational and networking opportunities throughout the year, accessible globally from the comfort of home. Share our event list with peers and co-workers to stay updated with presentations from top AI experts.

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The AI Digest Podcast

“The AI Digest” podcast, hosted by Joaquin Melara, explores the latest breakthroughs, ethical dilemmas, and game-changing applications of AI through engaging conversations with experts. Joaquin, a dynamic professional with a background in technical education and AI, distills complex ideas into valuable insights, practical strategies, and actionable advice for senior leaders in IT services and consulting. Recognized for his professionalism and commitment to innovation, Joaquin uses various platforms to support and mentor his audience, driving positive change in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

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