SWARM is a Community-of-Practice working on ESG problems with Open-Source AI Tech

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SWARM is identifying, breaking down, organizing, and tackling major problems in the areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) such as cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and food production. We are a group of dedicated scientists, engineers, and operators working to create artificial intelligence systems. This community was born to unite AI enthusiasts around global technology standards and open source software.

Practitioner’s Home

Welcome to a global network of change makers in the field of Artificial Intelligence focused on designing, building, testing, funding, and orchestrating AI systems.


Be part of a group of dedicated practitioners. Get advice and insights from SWARM members on cutting edge developments around technology and projects.

Strong Principles

Our community is founded on the principles of courage, honor, humility, prudence, and responsibility. These principles form the visceral nature of our behaviors, and bind goodwill.

Great Responsibility

We do not take the patronage of our members lightly. As such, we make great effort to appoint dependable and well-respected advisors to ensure we uphold our values through our actions.

Learn from Experts, in Academia, Industry, & Government

Gain first hand audience and ask questions to subject matter experts in Academia, Industry, and Government through a variety of formats such as workshops, webinars, meetups, conferences and podcasts.

A Global Perspective

Meet people who have interests in the development of AI machines from a variety of domains, backgrounds, and experiences.

Unfiltered Knowledge

Give advice and get advice around strategies, tactics, technologies, career management, and more directly from real practitioners.

Networking Events

We provide regular events for a global audience across different time zones, without the need to leave the comfort of your home.

Expand your Network, around the World, Hassle-free

As a community, we are hyper-focused on creating opportunities for members to interact organically taking in mind different time zones and geographic arenas.

Convenient Access

Our community’s website and mobile application provide you with unrestricted access to chat with other members, view webinars, attend workshops, and get notified of special upcoming events.

Sign-Up Process

At this time, we are presently organizing the full launch of the SWARM community. If you are interested in being notified when the community is officially launched, please fill out the form above.

Community Login

Once we launch the community, you will be able to download the mobile application and login via mobile or web using your profile.

Attend Community Events, In-Person or Virtually

From local meetups and conferences to international forums, SWARM is cultivating opportunities for members to meet regularly in-person and virtually. Each event is carefully crafted to make meaningful experiences.

Bleeding-Edge Tech

Take part in events discussing the bleeding edge of AI technology with researchers, and engineers implementing them in industry.

Bespoke Experiences

Every event we host is carefully crafted and orchestrated to ensure stimulating and thought provoking experiences.

The AI Digest: A Podcast by SWARM

We welcome all of our new SWARM community members to take part in our podcast to talk about an area of interest they want to showcase to the world.