The AI Digest:
A Podcast by SWARM

About the Podcast

Is Artificial Intelligence Good?
Have you ever pondered about the people who plan, design, engineer, and maintain AI?

In “The AI Digest” we will answer those questions through rich and interactive conversations. Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Joaquin Melara, as we explore the latest breakthroughs, ethical dilemmas, and game-changing applications of AI through conversational interviews with subject matter experts.

About the Host

Joaquin, can be described as a dynamic and versatile professional with a multifaceted skill set and a passion for education and innovation in the technology sector. Joaquin‘s background in technical education, combined with expertise in project management, event management, and a deep understanding of Artificial Intelligence technology, positions him as a valuable resource for senior executives, directors, and founders in the IT services and consulting industry.

Joaquin is known for his ability to distill complex ideas around AI technology into engaging content, empowering his audience with valuable insights, practical strategies, and actionable advice to drive business growth and success. He is dedicated to supporting leaders in navigating challenges, capitalizing on opportunities, and achieving their business objectives, demonstrating a commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration in everything he does.

As a thought leader and educator, Joaquin leverages various platforms, including podcasts, workshops, and consulting services, to share his expertise and foster meaningful discussions within the industry. He is recognized for his professionalism, authenticity, and genuine desire to make a positive impact, serving as a trusted advisor and mentor to his clients and peers.

Overall, Joaquin embodies the qualities of a forward-thinking and influential leader in the technology sector, dedicated to empowering others and driving positive change in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI and IT services.

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Showcase your expertise in Artificial Intelligence as a guest for The AI Digest podcast in 3-steps:

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This podcast functions to promote ideas around Artificial Intelligence. We do not offer a platform for sales pitches to the public. To sponsor an episode around a technical deep dive or walking through an industry case study, you can contact us via LinkedIn here: 🔗 LINK.