SWARM Events

At SWARM we take great pride in organizing events discussing the bleeding edge of AI technology with researchers, and engineers implementing them in industry. Every event we host is carefully crafted and orchestrated to ensure stimulating and thought provoking experiences.

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Upcoming Events

We organize regular events throughout the year as a means for providing an opportunity for people from around the world regular educational and networking opportunities around the latest AI Technologies and Methodologies from the comfort of their own home. Be sure to share this list of events with your peers and co-workers so they can keep up to date with presentations from the top minds in the field of AI.


The Women in AI Forum is a 1-day virtual event covering several panel discussions about pioneering women in STEAM + AI Technology. We will be covering a holistic set of perspectives around Artificial Intelligence; both from the human-side and the tech-side.

This event will highlight the work and impact of a powerful group of women through a number of stimulating and engaging conversations around topics such as;
AI Adoption, FAIR Data, Generative AI, Governance, Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI Ethics, Human Rights, and IP Law.

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The Human + AI Symposium


The Human + AI Symposium is a 2-day virtual event covering a series of presentations and panel discussions exploring the interaction and impact of emerging technology on humans. It features a wide array of topics presented by a diverse, global group of speakers, each an expert in their respective field.

This event will be covering topics such as Accessibility, Design, Digital Rights, Explainability, Job Markets, Knowledge Management, Research, Responsibility, and Risk Management.

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The AI Tech Symposium


The AI Tech Symposium is a 2-day virtual event covering a series of presentations and panel discussions providing a holistic view into how AI tech works. It is a demystification of everything to do with AI technology, its function, use cases, limitations, and promising developments.

This event will be covering a number of topics around AI tech to showcase the different nuances of hardware, software, data, and everything else in between such as: Computer Vision, Databases, Domain Modeling, Hardware, Information Architecture, Internet-Of-Things, Language, Machine Learning, Ontologies, Standards, etc.

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Upcoming Conferences

We are taking great care to create high-quality and timely conference programming with the objective of showcasing the latest and greatest innovations in AI technology. Please note that at this time, we are in the process of developing the landing page for the 4 conferences taking place in October 2024.

Past Events

Here is a list of our past events.

The Data-Centric AI Forum is a 1 day virtual event covering a number of timely topics of major relevance to the use of Large Language Models (LLMs), Knowledge Graphs (KGs), Ontologies, and FAIR principles for managing robust and extensible data infrastructure which supports top tiered data governance practices.

We will be hosting a short pre-event program as well as an extensive and diverse program the day of the forum. Event topics include:
1. Data-Centric Architecture
2. Data Governance
3. Enabling Artificial Intelligence Applications
4. FAIR Data & FAIR Principles
5. Ontology Engineering

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The Business + AI Forum is a 1-day virtual event covering a number of timely topics to showcase how business and business functions are being impacted by AI Technologies. Without understanding governance, organizational capabilities, risks, investments, ROI, and adoption efforts… AI tech cannot be used as a source of competitive advantage. Rather, it may become a source of risk.

This event is an effort to provide the public with ideas around how AI is impacting organizations of all sizes, why it is important to understand AI, and how AI can be adopted / leveraged properly. Event topics include:
1. Business Cases
2. Risk
3. Governance
4. Adoption
5. Intellectual Property

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Previous Attendees and Speakers

Attendees and Speakers from past events come from companies such as: