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Register to attend one of the most informative global events focused on demystifying everything to do with AI technology, regarding function and application.

The Human + AI Symposium is going to cover a broad range of novel ideas and use cases across the implications and considerations of adopting Artificial Intelligence technology in the real world!

About the Event

The event is designed to connect seasoned veterans and newcomers in the field of AI, to support the development and expansion of engineering focused on both statistical and symbolic AI.

The event will include topics such as:
Accessibility, Content, Design, Digital Rights, Explainability, Job Markets, Knowledge Management, Research, Responsible Tech, Risk Management, Technical Literacy & more!

20+ Speakers
16+ Sessions
4+ Panel Discussion

List of Speakers

More than 20 speakers from around the world will join us at The Human + AI Symposium to share how they’re thinking, what they’re making, and what’s next.

Attendees will leave feeling more connected to a community of practitioners and have a peak into the future of AI adoption.

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Previous Attendees and Speakers

Attendees and Speakers from past events come from companies such as: