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Taking place on April 26th 2024 via the SWARM Community LinkedIn page: LINK

Are you tired of attending events and conferences filled with infomercials, vendor pitches, and product releases?
Do you want to walk away with the feeling of gaining a treasure trove of real lessons learned by a number of real people in the frontier of AI technologies?
Do you want to get away from all the hype around developments in the space of AI backed by empty promises, and learn about real work done by real people?

The Business + AI Forum is a 1 day virtual event covering a number of timely topics to showcase how business and business functions are being impacted by AI Technologies. Without understanding governance, organizational capabilities, risks, investments, ROI, and adoption efforts… AI tech cannot be used as a source of competitive advantage. Rather, it may become a source of risk. This event is an effort to provide the public with ideas around how AI is impacting organizations of all sizes, why it is important to understand AI, and how AI can be adopted / leveraged properly.

Topics discussed include:

  1. Business Cases
  2. Risk
  3. Governance
  4. Adoption
  5. Intellectual Property

Speakers / Presentations

Peter Faleskini

AI Risks Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

James Phare

AI-Powered Knowledge Graphs for Sustainable Finance

Nancy Steidl

Intellectual Property in the Age of AI -Ownership, Collaboration, and Inventorship in Business

Dr. Santona Tuli

Levels of AI Initiatives and their Commitment

Francesco Gianferrari Pini

Knowledge Architecture for AI Agents

Michael Charles Borrelli

Importance of AI Governance under EU AI Act

Sahaj Vaidya

Mastering the Art of AI Governance to Unlock Generative AI in Action

Amy Raygada

Data Governance Decoded: Practical Insights for Success

Jürgen Weichenberg

How Generative AI is Accelerating Innovation

Jason Kaufman

Revolutionizing Work Product Creation: Generative AI in Action

Michelle Currie

Beyond the Hype – Unlocking Success: AI Adoption in Healthcare

Alan Rodriguez

Data Freedom: From Ownership to Monetization in the age of AI

Derek Strauss

Data Freedom: From Ownership to Monetization in the age of AI

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