Matthias is a PhD student at Traceparts, bringing expertise in information retrieval systems to design a knowledge graph based search engine. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and has furthered his education with a Master’s in Information Systems Architecture and a PhD in Knowledge Graph Engineering. 

Matthias’s professional interests revolve around knowledge management technologies such as ontology engineering, knowledge graphs, information extraction, information retrieval, natural language processing, and applied research. He applies his skills to design and build advanced information classification and retrieval systems for organizations with extensive product catalogs.

In addition to his contributions at Traceparts, Matthias is a multifaceted athlete. He is trilingual, fluent in French, English, and German. He is a well accomplished Judoka, earning a black belt in Judo. And most interesting of all, during the summer, spends his days sailing a boat. All these activities allow him to balance academia with the development of culture and physical development.