United States

Prasad Yalamanchi is the Founder and CEO of Lead Semantics, bringing his extensive expertise in computational linguistics to commercial applications of unstructured data. He possesses a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Computational Linguistics. 

Prasad’s professional experience extends into major areas of interest within the field of computer science such as ontology engineering, natural language processing, knowledge graph development, and artificial intelligence. He applies his specialized skills at Lead Semantics to enhance and deploy his flagship product, TextDistil, in enterprise applications requiring the integration of unstructured data into existing semantic systems. TextDistil enables a multitude of domain-driven knowledge solutions such as graph powered search, automatic knowledge graph creation from domain specific text assets, and ability to explore a multitude of text assets simultaneously.

In addition to his work at Lead Semantics, Prasad also serves as chair in a number of ontology engineering and natural language processing training programs and conferences. This enables Prasad to disseminate his industrial knowledge to aspiring engineers and scientists, contributing to the development of future professionals in the field.  It enables him to stay informed about the most recent developments in his area of expertise.