Dr. Ronak Panchal is an experienced Graph Data Scientist working for Cognizant. He has a demonstrated history of working in academia, information technology, and professional services industry. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has further his education with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, a graduate diploma in statistical survey and research methodology, as well as a PhD in Computer Science with a focus on the intersection of the Semantic Web and Data Science.

Ronak’s professional interests are focused on the hands-on application of technical knowledge to solve real world problems. He has experience working in domains such as agriculture, gastronomy, e-government, and higher education. In addition, he is actively applying his specialized knowledge and skills to pioneer applications of Generative Artificial Intelligence towards enabling advanced and sustainable systems.

In addition to his contributions as an academic and scientist, Ronak also spends his time providing personalized training sessions and developing projects with his colleagues. At this time, he is working on developing a full stack application that uses scientific measurements and a user-driven allergy database to create and showcase recipes amongst a social network of people. These projects serve Ronak in expanding his experience with the development and refinement of semantic applications. He takes great pleasure in discovering and sharing best practices around the development of symbolic Artificial Intelligence.