Tek Raj

United Kingdom

Dr. Tek Raj Chhetri is a Founder and Director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Nepal (CAIR-Nepal) and a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. He researches AI, Semantic Web, data privacy, and Internet of Things (IoT) data sharing.

Dr. Chhetri’s influence extends beyond research as he actively participates in shaping the academic landscape. He has lent his expertise as a Program Committee Member at various prestigious international conferences, contributing to developing and disseminating the latest research in the field. Moreover, his critical eye for excellence is evident through his contributions as a reviewer for leading journals such as IEEE Internet of Things, Computing, IEEE Access, and Expert Systems With Applications, where he ensures the quality and rigor of scholarly work.

Dr. Chhetri’s professional experience balances his academic pursuits. He has worked in various industries, including MetrixLab (formerly MarketTools) and Auve Tech, which develops autonomous shuttles. In addition to his professional and research experience, Dr. Chhetri has passionately engaged in teaching and mentoring roles. His dedication to knowledge sharing and nurturing the next generation of talent is exemplified through his educational and supervisory experiences. This well-rounded approach further solidifies his commitment to fostering intellectual growth and innovation.